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What is Faithful Productions & how did it start?

So, are your wondering what is Faithful Productions?

I like to describe us a small family business because without my family I couldn't have created my DVD's.

It started years ago when I was a mom snapping photo after photo of my children! I started scrapbooking with friends & I quickly finished one of my daughter's first year. But, by the time my third child came I had little time and energy to work with all of photos. So, they slowly piled up in our closet. (Yes, we keep our photos in the closet. lol)

Along came digital cameras & I kept snapping away photo after photo. They too piled up this time on hard drives and CD's for safe keeping.

One year we had a big scare when a hard drive crashed. My biggest worry was losing all of our photos! I was slowly playing with a few photo programs trying to create slide shows and stuff. But still I hadn't gotten around to putting them ALL on CD.

We were lucky and my husband was able to rescue the photos & I decided I better get to work and organize our photos on CD's for back up.

I followed up by creating slideshow on DVD's for our own enjoyment. Little did I know what big of hit they would become! My children adored them & loved seeing themselves on tv. This grew to me creating them for family members as gifts, showing off our vacations and even putting over 10yrs worth of photos on one DVD!

What I hope to be able to do for you & your family . . .

I have enjoyed seeing my family smile, laugh and even cry when watching one of the DVD's I've created for them. It brings me joy knowing that photos that could be sitting on our computer or in our closet are now bring smiles to some ones faces.

I know that some people don't have the time, patience or know how to put their photos onto a DVD. So I would love to be able to help you with this!

Also these make wonderful unique gifts! I created a special DVD for my sister one year as a surprise and she loved it! I even cried watching the finished product & knew what was on it! lol

I also know that there are other businesses that do this. But, as I browse the web I see they are asking outrageous prices! I am not saying that to put them down, but some families may not be able to afford it. So I hope and plan to keep my prices affordable for everyone.

I love make you laugh!

I have always enjoyed making people laugh and that is one thing I love to do with the DVD's I create. I know how seeing your child as a baby can make you want to cry. Or seeing your grandma in a photo from your childhood will grow a lump in your throat. So I always make a point to add special surprises in each DVD to bring a smile to your face and laugher to your home. 

We're not just for families.

As a family business we are happy to work with other families and their photos. My children love looking a photos of new babies and silly toddlers. But, we are happy to work with you if you are a church, business owner or anyone else.

Please keep one thing in mind though . . .


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