Put your wedding on DVD!


I will create a special one of a kind wedding DVD just for you & your spouse.

I will start with childhood photos of each of you.
Next I will show how you met, your first photo together & so on.
Your dating days will follow.
After that your engagement, showers and parties will come next.
Then the big day!!!
Honeymoon photos
Then a few photos of your early marriage days like showing your first house together & first anniversary photo.

I can also add photos of a special loved one who was unable to attend the wedding. Photos of a grandmother, parents or sibling who passed away will make a great addition to show that they were there in your hearts.

If you don't like any of the suggestions above I will be more than happy to put the photos together in any order you like.

View our demo!

I have created a special wedding demo. The demo is 3mins & 22 seconds. Remember this was made for "web viewing" only & the one get will be on DVD and have much better quality.


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