Personalized ABC's

What better way to learn the ABC's!

Your child's world will come to life with photos of people, places and even favorite toys & at the same time learn the alphabet!

Just send me photos family members, your child's favorite toys, favorite places and so on. I will create a personalized ABC DVD for you!

Example -

A - Aunt Judy (the A will flash on the screen then it will show a photo of the child's aunt), Andy (cousin)
T - Tigger (the name of your child's cat), teacher
D - Daddy
M - Mommy, McDonald's)
J - Jimmy (the child's brother)

Demo - Personalized ABC's

This is a demo I put together so you can get an idea of what to expect. The demo is: 4mins. & 8 seconds. Remember this demo was made for "web viewing" and yours will be on DVD with much better quality.


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