Sisters or Brothers DVD

Sisters or Brothers DVD

The first DVD I ever created for someone other than myself was for my sister.

My sister DVD is by far my favorite DVD!

I took all of my old childhood photos and scanned them. It was wonderful to see the old photos come back to life.

The DVD followed the time from when my mom was expecting my sister to her late teenage years. I included some of our favorite songs growing up. I also had photos of our childhood dog who had pasted away just a few years earlier. My sister loved seeing our dog who lived to her late teens!

I am sure your brother or sister would love to be surprised with a DVD like this. 

Don't forget you can also do one of your own children! I have a lot of photos of my girls together that I have in a folder called "Sister Photos". Cute photos of them together.  I can put together a DVD of all of your children showing them enjoying their carefree days.

More ideas & Demo to come

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