Prices - How much do you charge?


How much do you charge?

This is a tough question.

Like I have said this is a passion for me and I really enjoy doing this!

I know that other places can charge outrageous prices! I have done my research when trying to figure out how much I would charge.

I plan on charging just $1 a picture. So if you want 30 photos in the DVD show the price will be $30.

When you pick a theme I will do the theme itself in one show then 2 special bonus themes.

So each DVD will hold the theme and 2 special bonus. I'll also include a special CD full of the edited photos for you too.

Other sites charge $60 or more for just one show on a DVD & I'm offering you 3. Plus other sites don't included the edited photos as a bonus. Other sites tend to have photo limits that seem crazy. I think the more photos there are the better the show.

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