Our new baby - Pregnancy to 12mts

Our new baby - Pregnancy to 12mts

As new parents we all take TONS & TONS of photos of our new sweet baby. Picture your baby's surprise to see himself/herself on TV!

Surprise grandma & granddad with a special DVD full of photos of their new grandbaby!

This will make a wonderful birth announcement holding photos from before baby up to the first month.

Plus you'll have your treasured baby photos on DVD to enjoy for years to come!

I will put together a DVD show that shows Mom's growing belly, baby showers, getting the baby's room ready and then the big day of the birth. After that you'll watch your sweet baby meeting relatives and friends. You'll see the special coming home from the hospital & baby adjusting to his/her life at home. Watch your baby grow over the year & up to the first year birthday party!

Please note for the coming home photos you need to include a photo of your house!

Pick any music you like for this DVD show & if you like I can include scans of cards baby received and even birth announcements!

The DVD itself can include a photo of your baby, your baby's name & date of birth!

Does baby have a big brother or sister? We don't want them to be left out so I can include some special photos of the new big brother or sister too!

Demo - Our New Baby

Here is the demo. It is only about 3 & 1/2 mins. Remember this was created for "web viewing" and the DVD you will get will have much better quality.

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