Themes & ideas in the works

This is a list of more theme's I'm working on & haven't had time to create demo video for it.


What a better way to share your love than a special Anniversary DVD!

I've made one of these for my husband one year & he loved it.

I included photos of our wedding, early years of marriage & special events through our years such as our kids being born, photos of him & I together (rare photos since we usually take photos of the kids!) plus a photo of the kids I took without him knowing it.

If I remember correctly I think I also added a video of the kids saying Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!


The years go by fast so how about a DVD showing each birthday from the 1st through the 10th!


It can show special birthdays - the 1st, 6th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st & so on. Feel free to pick any birthday you want.

Photos can be special photos from each year, the birthday party, favorite toys & so on.

Children's Art Dvd

My kids love to draw & like most I can't stand tossing our their cute creations.

I have a drawer in our bedroom FULL of drawings by our kids. I plan someday (when I get around to it . . .) to scan each one and save it to our computer. Then burn it to a CD. I'd also like to create a special DVD show so my kids drawings will never be forgotten.

Counting DVD

Teach your little one to count by using faces of family members, toys & other things they love!

Set to music your child will learn to count from 0 - 9 & if you like even higher. 

Family Ties

Does your family live all over the USA or even in a different country? What better way to share your family with well . . . your family!

This DVD can include photos of all your family members so you can introduce them together each other even though you live far away!

The DVD could start with your grandparents, then their children (your parents) & so on.

Or for say a family who is joining by marriage it could start with "HIS" family, then "HER" family and finish up with the new family (the new couple starting our on their own).

This is a great way for a family to stay connected even though they live far apart! I often talk about my aunts & uncles and use to worry my kids would never know who they were. But, after sharing these member through stories & photos my kids knew just who they were when they finally met them!

Father's Day DVD OR Mother's Day

Show your father how much he means to you!

I did this for my father this past Father's Day. I had photos my grandmother (my dad's mom) had given me years ago. I scanned each one and edited them on my computer to help restore the color. After that I put the phones into a DVD show.

I included photos from my father's childhood from the time he was a baby, photos of him & my mom in their early years, photos of my dad's grandparents, his parents, my dad's brother & stuff like that. I also included my favorite photos of him during my childhood & photos of our family. After that I included photos of him in my wedding, in my sister's wedding, photos my him & my kids & so on.

I also added special messages to him letting him know how much he meant to me.

He really enjoyed it & he loved the surprise of seeing photos from his own childhood!

This would make a wonderful gift for any father.

I did the same thing for my mom for Mother's Day one year.

Favorite Photos

We all have our favorite photos! I have a special folder on my computer labeled FAVORITES so I can quickly find my favorite photos.

Keep them alive forever and put them on DVD & add a little blurb about why it is your favorite.

One of my favorite family photos is one of my dad & cousin who have a lemon wedge in their mouth. The lemon wedge is cut to make it look like UGLY FAKE teeth. It is pretty funny & one of those last second shots that was caught on camera. Sounds silly, but a fun memory for our family.

Another one of my favorites is one I just happened to shoot one day of my oldest who was 3 at the time. She was pretending to play HOP SCOTCH outside on the driveway. The angle of the camera & the cast of the sun got a perfect shot of her hopping with her shadow. It is very cute and one of those photos that make you wonder how in the world you caught it!

A great gift to pass through the whole family!

Pets - Your best friends!

Is your home like Noah's Ark? Or do you just have one dear pet?

If you have one or a dozen how about letting them star in their own DVD! Share all those photos you take of your cute new puppy taking his nap or the one where you put sun glasses on your cat!

As a new dog owner I've taken TONS of photos of our dear puppy who was have only had for a month! My sister has whole rolls of her elder dog!

Share photos of your childhood pet who is now gone yet still close to your heart.

Most of all show everyone your pet means the world to you & you want the whole world to know it too!

School Memories

Some people love school & others hate it (like ME!).

Still we all hold our school day memories close. I have a few good ones. lol

Share your school memories with your family & friends. Or just enjoy them for yourself!

I use to take a camera to my last day of school & I'd shoot photos of friends, other kids (even if they didn't want their photos taken lol), classrooms and teachers. It is fun to look back at kids I forgot about and wonder where they are now. It is also fun to remember wonderful teachers!

So what kind of photos could you put in to this DVD? First day photos, class photos (remember those?), photos of teachers, school plays, football games, band, getting on or off the school bus, photos of kids doing homework, a photo of the school & so on.

Do you homeschool? We homeschool our kids and yes we do have SCHOOL photos. I often take photos of my kids doing work at our kitchen table, field trips with other homeschoolers, photos of things they make for school, photos of their school work (crafts, drawings & so on). The ideas are endless. 

Vacation DVD

Personally this is our favorite kind of family DVD. I can't wait to get started on our vacation DVD & usually the second we get home!

Vacations are a wonderful & special time. Plus you usually take TONS & TONS of photos. I know I do.

Your DVD will can show the route you took in order to get where you were going & your hotel/condo or where ever you stayed. Plus it can show all the fun places you went to and what you did. Silly photos of the kids having a ball, romantic moments between loved ones & if you saw a fun show or two photos of that plus meeting the STARS!

It can also include the not so fun times. On our recent trip home from the mountains we had a tire blow out. This created a fun yet shocking ending for family members who saw it. They had to laugh at a photo of my son sitting next to the busted tire. It wasn't fun at the time, but it makes for a great story later!

One year I put together all our vacations over the past 5yrs on to one DVD. The kids love looking at their different trips over the years.

Starring ME!

Cheryl on the tv show "According to Jim" once realized that she was missing from all of the photos from the previous Thanksgiving. She was shocked and upset.

As moms (or dads) we are the ones who take the photos. Some of us (like me) would rather not be in the photos (lol) but we each deserve a special reminder of who we are!

Show off your baby photos, childhood memories & more in a special "Starring ME!" DVD!

Share how special each family member is to you, special memories of Granddad who is now gone & maybe even toss in a juicy secret or two.


The DVD could star other people too -

Your child
Your pet

who ever you want. The key thing is they are the STAR of the show!

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