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Here are some demos showing just a little of what I can create for you. The basic demo stars my family! The others are from free stock photo sites.

Please remember these videos are made to view on your tv. I created a demos to show you just a sample. The quality of a DVD will be much better than one viewed on a computer.

I can also put these demos on a DVD for you to view in your own home. 

Basic - Family photo DVD

Demo of family photos - basic - 3mins & 9 seconds.


Personalized ABC DVD

Here is a demo of the "Personalized ABC DVD" - 4mins & 8sec



Here is a demo of a Wedding - 3mins & 22 sec.


Our New Baby

This is a demo welcoming a new baby. I created one to follow from pregnancy - 1st birthday.


A Year in the Life

This theme & demo can feature a years worth of photos all the way from January to December. Show off your favorite photos through out the year all on a DVD.

I use my own family photos with a few stock photos tossed in for fun.

The demo is 4mins & 57sec


College - Cure homesickness

This demo is a college theme video to help cure home sickness.

It is about a PRETEND girl who has gone to college and her PRETEND sister creates a special dvd for her to help her homesickness.

I got the photos from Wikimedia Commons.



I have created two Christmas demos. One is long & one is short.


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