College - Cure Homesickness

College - Cure Homesickness

I never went to college but I remember hearing how homesick my sister was. I'm sure it must be scary as well as exciting.

Surprise your college student with a special CURE HOMESICKNESS DVD!

You can have special messages on the DVD, family photos of pets, family members, your house, their room, favorite places around town & stuff like that.

Anytime they miss home they can pop in the DVD and see their old hang out, local grocery store, library, old school, neighborhood, their back yard along with friendly faces of family & friends!

You can include quotes to encourage them along the way too.

Below is a sample demo I created. It is about a PRETEND girl who has gone to college and her PRETEND sister creates a special dvd for her to help her homesickness.

I got the photos from Wikimedia Commons.

The demo is - 3mins & 51sec


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