Christmas over the years

Christmas over the years

Do you have TONS & TONS of Christmas photos? How about putting them all on DVD?

I love Christmas and I tend to take way to many photos! I created a much loved family DVD with all of our Christmas photos. This DVD is over 10yrs of Christmas photos! It is a lot of fun to hear the kids say "I remember Santa bring that!" or "Hey! I have been looking for that toy!" lol

This will make a wonderful Christmas gift or better yet an early Christmas gift to watch and enjoy with your family.

Best of all you can have all your favorite Christmas songs help bring the memories alive!

Christmas demo - SHORT (Longer version below)

This demo is shorter. It is 2mins & 45mins long.

Demo - Long Version 

Here is a demo version of the Christmas theme. This one is long & it is 4mins & 57secs long.


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