About Me 

About me & why I love doing what I do . . . 

I love creating photo shows for people. I have a passion for it. It gives me such a joy to see people enjoy the shows I create.

I have created photo shows for my family using family photos. I love watching my children's faces as they see photos of themselves.

I've made a show for my sister one year as a birthday present. I had so much going through all of our childhood photos! I had more fun listening to her reaction over the phone. A few months later I was able to watch it with her and my extended family. We had so much looking at the old photos together and new ones I created out of old photos.

While I scanned old photos I had I was amazed at how easy it was to bring them back to life. Over the years the old Polaroid photos  had fades, torn and some even shredded! It was wonderful seeing the color return to old photos!

I also enjoy adding special effects and a little creative flare to the photos. It is fun seeing a photo magically change to a pencil drawing or the famous Andy Wahol painting!

I also enjoy making people laugh. With every photo show I create I do a little something extra special and fun with the photos. I love seeing people laugh and surprised while watching the shows. It is such a joy! I must admit I have even had a few female relatives literally wet their pants in laugher!

I can't wait to turn your photos into a special show to bring you joy and yes maybe even some tears!

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